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 Main CMSF Clan Departments and Command Core


Star Fleet Command Counsel:  This Counsel has been assembled to make Command decisions on the highest level. This is the command core of Star Fleet Command. This counsel is composed of division leaders, and core members appointed directly by Fleet Admiral Riker.

The Star Fleet Diplomatic Core: This Department has been founded to keep the peace and to form alliances between clans. Officers that are appointed to this department must be trust worthy, and good representatives of our clan. 

Clan Security Department: This Department has been founded to keep Law and Order within clan chat channels and within games. The officers of this department are under the Security Chief and he takes orders directly from Admiral Riker

The Morale Department: This Department is responsible for crew morale overall. The are responsible for putting special events, training exercises, and clan tournaments together... If you would like to be part of this Department please see CMSF-CodeMan 

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