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                                              SG1 MUSIC VIDEOS 

                          Some of the Following Music Videos are Zipped and can be in one of the Following Formats, AVI, MPG, Divx, or Quicktime. Video Player Links are at the bottom of the page if you need to Down Load them.


       The Following StarGate SG1 Music Videos were found on some very cool web sites. I think they are very cool, and very well done. I would like to say Thank You to the creators, for there time and effort. 

            { HIGH RESOLUTION }                      

        Team Video Seasons 1-5

                               Higher  AVI 16.7 mb Zipped  

                       Awesome Video

            SAM & JACK

                   EVERYTHING AVI 14.7 mb Zipped   

              Very Cool Video

 These 2 Videos are found on (Nice Job Guys)


NEW                                             NEW                                            NEW 

            { EXTREME HIGH RESOLUTION } {For those of you that have Cable or High Speed connections}   This is WAY AWESOME stuff  found these clips at 


Raucous - DIVX 33.7MB 

 The team rock USA Very Loud, Very Active


Celebration - .MPG 34.6MB 

 This Video is centered around Teal'c 


          { Med RESOLUTION } The following Videos are from (nice job guys)


         Dr Daniel Jackson JEDI KNIGHT   3.0 MB .AVI Format

          Daniel as Luke Skywalker


          Magic Carpet Ride 7.4MB .AVI Format

           Cool Team Video


         You Were On My Mind (Team)  4.5MB .AVI Format 

           Funny Team Video


        STARGATE THE NEXT GENERATION - 1.58MB Zipped Windows Media Format

           Star Trek TNG Theme with Star Gate SG1 Into


   { Low RESOLUTION }But GOOD the following videos are from NEW

    Not A Day Goes By - Lonestar 3.0MB .avi  Format


    I Hope You Dance - LeeAnn Womack 3.6MB .avi Format


        { Med RESOLUTION }     


        Hero 6.18MB .mov                                                                          Looking Back 5.09MB .mov

    Made as a tribute to September 11th and all heroes.              A  tour through Seasons 1 through 6



      Shimmer 4.98MB .mov

  This video is based more around Amanda and Michael.




     MacGyver - Stargate Style 5.96 MB  windows media       Stargate Instrumental10.0MB windows media

Theme: Jack in action or tense moments                                            An Instrumental to the SG1 Theme
Music By: MacGyver Theme Tune                                         

Clips From: Various seasons                                       

Some of these I found on



  You Will need Windows Media Player for most of the formats .avi .mpg and mpeg 

  You will also need to have Quicktime to view the .mov formats

 You can down load a free player at



  Some HIGH RESOLUTION  Videos use Divx Format, you can get a free player at 



Also Many of the Files are Zipped so you need a zipping program to unzip them. Something like 

WinZip. You can get a free copy of it at 



                                                      <More To Come Soon... Star Tuned>

Copyright: all images sole property of MGM, all songs property of various music labels that own them. I own nothing and make absolutely no $ from any of these. I posted them on my site to enhance the exposure of the videos bur to the fact Star Gate SG1 is Awesome!!!